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Soudal 5 Min D4 PU Wood Adhesive- 290ml

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Soudal 5 Minute D4 Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Gel

Soudal 5 Minute D4 Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Gel is a revolutionary gel adhesive designed expressly to deliver an excellent performance in a variety of professional joinery and carpentry applications.

Developed by Soudal, a global leader in sealant, foam, and adhesive solutions, this product brings together the unique characteristics of breakthrough polyurethane technology.

Primarily, this adhesive gel is a one-component solution, making it straightforward to use while still offering efficient and versatile bonding potential. The thixotropic nature of the adhesive ensures it remains easy to apply with a standard Sealant Gun Application tool, giving both professionals and novices precision and control during application.

Independently tested and found to conform to DIN EN 204 Grade D4, it guarantees water-resistance, making it highly suitable for applications that require exposure to humid or damp conditions. Its solvent-free formulation provides a safer, more environmentally friendly adhesive choice while ensuring no compromise on its fast cure time and robust bonding strength.

The unique formula displays a distinct foaming action. This offers the remarkable benefit of filling gaps and covering uneven surfaces easily, ensuring a secure bond regardless of surface irregularities. Despite its rapid strength build-up and a mere 5-minute open time, it offers a user-friendly 1-hour pressing time, making it an excellent choice for highly detailed and meticulous woodworking tasks.


Product Benefits:

  • Gun Applied Thixotropic PU Adhesive Gel: Ensures quick, easy, and controlled application, even for complex or detailed projects. Thixotropic properties grant it a gel-like consistency that helps maintain adhesive control.
  • Conforms to DIN EN 204 Grade D4: Independently tested and certified for water-resistance, offering reliable performance in damp or humid conditions.
  • Water Resistant: Suitable for use in a wide array of environments, including those exposed to humidity or changes in moisture levels.
  • Foaming Action to Fill Gaps: The formula’s unique foaming action guarantees superior filling characteristics, making it ideal for bonding uneven surfaces and filling irregular gaps.
  • Fast Strength Build-up: Offers a swift yet robust strength build-up, providing a lasting bond in a short span, enhancing productivity.
  • Transparent: Leaves a transparent finish that does not interfere with the natural appearance of the wood, thereby enhancing aesthetic appeal.
  • 5 Minute Open Time: Offers ample time to adjust and manipulate the bond as needed during that window.
  • 1 Hour Pressing Time: Enables flexibility for detailed work while maintaining an accelerated timeline.
  • Solvent Free: Ensures a safer and ecologically considerate alternative to traditional solvent-based adhesives.


Typical Applications:

  • Frame Manufacturing: Ideal for the manufacture of door and window frames requiring the class D4 according to EN204 matching, where the adhesive provides a bond resilient to high humidity and direct weather impact.
  • Wooden Construction Bonding: Outstanding for bonding wooden construction elements, effectively enhancing structural integrity.
  • Diverse Material Bonding: Suitable for both porous and non-porous construction materials, thus covering a wide array of applications, including bricks and concrete.
  • General Joinery: Perfect for the general joinery of wooden materials, ensuring a strong, steadfast bond.
  • Interior Applications Exposed to High Relative Humidity: Excellent for scenarios demanding exposure to high relative humidity.
  • Exterior applications Exposed to Direct Weather: The adhesive’s waterproof nature makes it ideal for exterior applications withstanding varying weather conditions.
  • Insulation Materials Bonding: Skilful for bonding insulation materials, even as delicate as polystyrene, offering diverse insulation application possibilities.
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