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KEAN Stainless Steel CSK Head Multi Purpose Woodscrew 4 x 50 – Box 200

£9.98 £11.98 inc. VAT


Free SMART/NIPPER 20 Piece Multi Tool Blade & Accessory Set when you spend £300 (ex VAT)

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A2 Stainless Steel Woodscrews

High quality Wood Screws made from A2-304 Grade Stainless Steel for exceptional corrosion resistance.

With a deep pozi recess to avoid cam out and extend bit life the stainless screws also have a double countersunk to increase head strength.

The exceptional reliability and strength of the KEAN KT Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel A2 Screw enables the user to rely on one product for a variety of applications. The 25° sharp point and special thread design ensure the screw will consistently perform efficiently in hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and thin sheet metal, whilst offering exceptional holding power.

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Woodscrews Stainless Steel

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