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KEAN KT301 LMN Neutral Cure Professional Silicone Sealant C3 – BLACK

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KT 301 is a one component, high quality Neutral curing silicone sealant designed for applications where sealing of wood, aluminium and PVCu door and window frames and for weather sealing and flexible jointing of infill panels. It is suitable for sealing of connections.

Highly elastic, +/-25% movement capability. UV, water and weather proof. Non-corrosive neutral cure. Fast curing. Low odour. Interior/exterior use. Easy to apply. Chemically resistant.

Internal and external door and window frames. Sealing of connection joints in building industry (brick, wall, concrete, PVC, wood, glass etc. /weather seal applications. Mounting of windows and doors, Glazing works. Sealing applications in kitchens and bathrooms.

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from lubricant or any contaminants that may impede adhesion. You may need priming on porous surfaces. The application temperature must be between +5°C and +40°C. In order to reduce the deformations of the joints, their depth must be much less than their width. Minimum dimensions are 5×5 mm, for wider joints the depth should be preferably half of the width and it is adjusted by the use of a backup material. After the application, the sealant must be tooled with light pressure within 5 minutes to spread the material against the joint surfaces and to obtain a professional finish. Excess uncured sealant may be cleaned with solvent. Cured sealant can be removed mechanically. Recommended joint widths are > 10mm and < 35 mm. Joint width and depth ratio should be about 2:1.

It must not be used in totally confined spaces where sealant cannot cure due to lack of atmospheric moisture. Not over-paintable. Do not use in conjunction with bitumen asphalt, neoprene, and certain organic elastomers. It is not suitable for food contact applications. Can yellow if exposed to bleach or HCL based brick cleaners whilst curing.

Contains: Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated middle Gasoil.P102
Keep out of reach of children. EUH208 – Contains 2-Butanone,
0,0′,O”-(ethenylsilylidyne)trioxime, 2-Butanone, 0,0′,0′-(methylsilylidyne) trioxime. May produce an allergic reaction.

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